Climate Courage Program

Guided Climate Mental Health Journal

Introduction: As our planet faces unprecedented challenges related to climate change, it is essential to address not only the physical and environmental aspects but also the mental and emotional impact it has on individuals and communities. We believe that art and storytelling have the power to evoke emotions, spark conversations, and promote healing. To this end, we are excited to announce a call for artists and storytellers to contribute to the creation of a guided climate mental health journal.

About the Project: The guided climate mental health journal is an innovative and holistic tool designed to help individuals navigate their emotions, anxieties, and thoughts related to climate change. It aims to provide a safe space for self-reflection, expression, and coping. Through a combination of artistic elements, short stories, poems, and guided prompts, this journal will serve as a means of self-therapy, helping individuals connect with their emotions and take positive action in addressing climate-related concerns. Those who purchase the journal will also have the option to join Journal Circles, a virtual space for sharing responses and healing collectively.

What We Are Looking For: We are seeking talented artists and storytellers from various backgrounds and mediums who are passionate about addressing climate change and mental health. Must be aged 35 and under. Creatives will be responsible for creating visually engaging and emotionally resonant artwork to complement the journal’s guided sections. Your art will play a crucial role in helping users connect with their emotions and find solace in their journey towards climate mental well-being. The artwork and all other submissions must be available in a digital format.

Submission Guidelines:

  1. Artwork: Submit examples of your previous work, including digital or scanned images of paintings, illustrations, or any other relevant medium. Your artwork for the journal should reflect the theme of climate change, mental health, and emotional expression, however the examples do not have to. Please upload your artwork to a Google Drive folder or other website for us to easily access. 
  2. Artist Statement: Provide a brief artist statement explaining your interest in this project and how your work aligns with its goals.

  3. Contact Information: Please include your name, email address, and phone number

Important Dates:

  • Call for Artists Opens: September 16, 2023
  • Google Form Submission Deadline: October 15, 2023, 11:59pm US ET
  • Artist Selection: November 1, 2023
  • Project Commencement: November 2, 2023
  • Artist Submission Deadline: November 16, 2023 (rolling review)
  • Assembly by YCC Curators: November 20, 2023
  • Review by artists: November 25, 2023
  • Finalizing and presentation for COP28: November 29, 2023 (we will likely have a few parts of it printed and have some virtual samples for people to explore). 
  • COP28 (November 30 – December 12): We have an Entertainment & Culture Pavilion in the blue zone at this year’s COP in Dubai. For those who will be present in person, we can select a few of you to do a session on storytelling, art, and healing for climate action.
  • ***We acknowledge this is a rapid timeline, so we may change it to accommodate our creators, but still showcase progress at COP28. 

Compensation: All artists will be credited in the journal, and receive a copy of the journal and a small stipend for their involvement, based on the number of pages designed. 


  • One page = copy of journal, $0
  • Two pages = copy of journal, $25
  • Three pages = copy of journal, $50
  • Four pages = copy of journal, $75
We will discuss this with each artist as the work comes along. 


How to Submit: Please send your submissions via this Google Form and send any questions to with the subject line: “Climate Mental Health Journal – Question.” 

Climate Courage Workshops

“The enormous transformations to our planet from climate change can have powerful effects on our emotions, making us grieve what is lost,” states Panu Pihkala, adjunct professor of environmental theology at the University Helsinki, and an expert in eco-anxiety. Complex emotional responses come up in response to the climate crisis. Allowing oneself the time to truly feel and work through one’s emotional responses is essential in preventing burnout. Through our Climate Courage Workshops, we seek to provide emotional support, resources, tools, and community support.


The purpose of the Climate Courage Workshops is multifold: 

(1) To create a space which supports young climate leaders to lean into their feelings about the climate crisis and to make room for the safe expression of these feelings. Increasing one’s capacity to bear witness to the difficulties we are facing and sharing our experiences with the support of others through community increases emotional resilience. Feelings naturally flow and change, and expressing them supports that natural movement.

(2) To assist young climate leaders in the creation of a self-care plan to sustain them for the long-term. The leaders will identify their strengths and weaknesses in their care for themselves, and create a plan for addressing the areas of self-care which they identify as areas needing focus for long-term sustainability in climate work.

(3) To support young climate leaders in creating a vision for themselves as resilient leaders in their communities. Youth climate leaders will identify specific ways that the principle of standing for a sustainable, just and fulfilling future could operate in their lives as a leader within their community.

1. Feelings about Climate Change and Climate Work

(1) Establish psychological safety and group norms
(2) Discuss feelings about climate change and climate work

2. Creating a Self-Care Plan

(1) Introduce self-care
(2) Create self-care goals
(3) Discuss self-care challenges and strengths

3. Becoming a Climate Leader in Your Community

(1) Celebrate success
(2) Discuss being a climate leader in your community

Climate Courage Workshop Schedule
  • Next Workshops
    Coming March 2024!

*Workshop exercises are adapted from: Emotional Resilience Toolkit for Climate Work by the Climate Therapy Alliance – Pacific Northwest. Adapted with gratitude by YCC Climate Courage Team Member, Elizabeth Adhikari, MSW.

-- Registration Closed for 2023 --

Each workshop consists of 2 sessions, across 2 weeks (about 2 hours each week), and is capped at 15 participants. If you apply to participate, you must commit to attending both sessions. These workshops are for youth, aged 13 to 30 (with some flexibility for people aged 30-35). Spots are available on a first come, first served basis, and others will be placed on a waiting list. As spots become available, we will notify people on our waitlist first.
Please email with any questions!

Climate Courage Word Glossary!

With the help of our workshop participants and our YCC community, we are developing a Climate Courage Word Glossary to equip everyone with words to express their feelings related to climate change. Do you know any words you would like to add? Submit your words and definitions here. All languages welcome!

Coming Soon

1. Climate Courage Journal Circles

2. Trainer of Trainers Workshops