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The Centre For Environment Education Nepal ( CEEN ) was founded in Baisakh 2056 (April 1999). It is registered with Lalitpur District Office and it has also been affiliated with the Social Welfare Council and NGO Federation Nepal.

The CEEN is founded mainly to Create Awareness on Environmental Education and Education for Sustainable Development (EE/ESD). Any citizen who misses EE/ESD today will be a blind person tomorrow in her/his thought and actions. EE/ESD, therefore, has to be a part and parcel of each individual for achieving a sustainable future.

It aims at developing ethical values which guides the activities of an individual. It also enables us to understand that all the complex problems we hear today have roots in our daily activities and that, modifications in our attitudes and actions can have a positive impact on the environment.


Lalitpur, Bagmati, Nepal

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