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NC Interfaith Power & Light is a program of the North Carolina Council of Churches.  This role provides access to the Council’s membership of over 6,200 congregations.  The North Carolina Council of Churches is comprised of 25 distinct judicatories from 17 denominations with 1.5 million congregants across the state.  In 2005, NCIPL became the 16th state affiliate of the national Interfaith Power & Light Campaign.  There are now Interfaith Power & Light affiliates in 40 states with over 15,000 engaged congregations.

NCIPL core programs promote a variety of solutions to mitigate future climate change, including energy efficiency and conservation, increased renewable energy use, and collective low-carbon lifestyle changes.  NCIPL programs encourage congregations, clergy, and judicatories to be aware and able to articulate the moral dimensions of climate change and environmental justice issues from a faith perspective.

NCIPL is the only North Carolina based statewide organization that works on addressing the ecological and justice issues of climate change as a faith-based initiative.


27 Horne Street, Raleigh, North Carolina 27607, United States

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