Global Research Consortium on Governance and Impact Fund Models

How do we get the necessary resources to those most vulnerable to climate change, especially children and youth? Which governance structures are best? Which funding mechanisms and impact fund designs work best?

In partnership with Penn State University's Global Youth Research and Storytelling Lab (GYRSL), we are conducting research to answer these very questions.

  • We are:
    - Forming a global research consortium to codesign studies and produce reports about impact fund models and participatory decision making structures. We will use qualitative and quantitative methods to capture lessons learned, best practices, and other key insights.

  • - Improving governance of climate finance entities to reflect the intended recipients and reach those most vulnerable

  • - Legal aspect (US): Seven states prohibit youth board involvement as voting members to age 18 and up – CO, FL, GA, NV, NJ, PA, UT. This doesn’t prohibit entities from involving youth as non-voting board members, or from working to change their state laws, but we will change this law!

  • Other partners: We Are Family Foundation, The Possibilists, Global Fund for Children, Green 2.0, Rivet, etc.

To begin, YCC is currently...
- Conducting a landscape analysis of some individuals and entities in the United States that are working to bring youth voices to the table, specifically on Boards and Advisory Councils of environmental and climate finance entities - Conducting a landscape analysis on impact fund models
- Reviewing literature on these two topics to learn which research has already been conducted and which gaps we should focus on - Overall, we will capture lessons learned and success stories in upcoming reports, news articles, academic literature, and more. - In addition, we are planning roundtables and a summit for leaders of this work to encourage information exchange and collaboration.

In November 2023, we will release a sign up form for youth ages 35 and under who are looking to join a Board or Advisory Council and we will work to match them with vacancies. We also plan to launch an Instagram dedicated to this work.

Interested in getting involved?
Email us at

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