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A group of University students, aiming to mobilize youths on civic activities, founded Scholastic Foundation, Nepal in 2018. Our team has ever since set forward a goal to reform the academic fields. We have been taking our steps forward with a vision to establish and facilitate exceptional educational space all over Nepal. Our mission will enhance the development of students in a more effective and sustainable way. Scholastic Foundation, Nepal aims to shape the future of students in a way that would allow them to meet the growing demands of the 21st century. We focus on the overall holistic development of their personalities incorporating numerous co-scholastic and extracurricular activities, making them capable of holding the pace of 21st century in an international level. We believe education should not just be limited to the mainstream academic programs but it should also encourage students to build their own perspectives on various issues. With innovative academic events, we continue to foster children’s intellectual curiosities by making learning more fun and practically useful. Our forum includes the activities related to economic literacy, academic development, social works and cultural activities for effective promotion and overall welfare of the system around the community. We are whole-heartedly taking the initiatives towards the development and empowerment of youths towards nation building. The organization is energized by enthusiastic youths who have immense expertise in behavioral change modalities that includes debating, mass motivation programs, capacity building interventions, research activities, training and human mobilization. Through the enthusiasm of these youths we are motivated to be engaged in the areas of environmental sustainability, good governance and human rights, youth leadership and civil engagement. We have worked in different regions of the country with different people by conducting innovative campaigns, skill generating programs, social work, promotion and protection of cultures, intensive projects, training sessions and workshops.


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